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Going forward, we believe that our efficient business model, coupled with advanced breeding techniques and the superior quality of our Canadian breeding hogs will allow us to capture more market share and drive our growth.

(Source: Marketwire, 2011-05-17)

General and administrative expenses increased by approximately $4,333,377, or approximately 699% from the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, principally due to the payment of consulting fees of approximately $4.02 million. On February 2, 2010, the Company issued 5,000 shares of Common Stock, having a market value of $4.6 per share at the time of issuance, to its consultants. On May 3, 2010, the Company issued 200,000 shares of Common Stock, having a market value of $6 per share at the time of issuance to its consultants. On June 9, 2010, the Company issued 601,870 shares of Common Stock, having a market value of $6.5 per share at the time of issuance, to Primary Capital LLC and one individual, Mr. Ming Liu, in settlement of a dispute. Accordingly, the Company reported approximately $4 million of general and administrative expenses resulting from these three transactions.

(Source: 10-K Filing, 2010-09-29)

"Our strategy, business model and actions have proven to be very effective, thereby delivering results. We continue to bring in talents to strengthen our financial structure and corporate governance. ... With our advanced technology, modest debt leverage, and additional financing flexibility, we believe we should be very successful in expanding our current market and working capital to support sales growth in our commercial hogs market. Government support and trade protection policies also encourage domestic pig production with tax exemptions, vaccines technology, feed costs cap, price control and providing use of lands. China consumes about 50% of the world's pork products. As a result, we believe that the high demand for hogs should continue for several years."

(Source: Marketwire, 2010-09-28)

Our rapid growth not only underscores the strong demand for our unique mix of breeding swine, but is a testament to our management team and the scalability of our business model.

(Source: Marketwire, 2010-02-18)
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Op. Cash Flow (MRQ): -14.79 mill
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