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 Asia Cork
Shares Outstanding (MRQ): 39.43 mill 
New Shares / Dilution (TTM): -0.84 mill-2.08%
Cash (MRQ): 1.58 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (MRQ): 9.32 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (Q/Q): + 2.15 mill  
Long-Term Debt (MRQ): NO DEBT
Revenue Growth (Q/Q): 42.51% 
Revenue Growth (Y/Y): 167.92%
Net Income Growth (Q/Q): 98.86% 
Net Income Growth (Y/Y): 845.82%
EPS Growth (Y/Y): 865.92%
Net Margin (Q/Q): 20.4% (14.6%)5.80% 
Net Margin (Y/Y): 20.4% (5.8%)14.60% 
EPS | P/E (2 MRQ Projection): $0.150.00 
CFPS | P/CF (2 MRQ Projection): $0.220.00 
Price/Sales (2 MRQ Projection): 0.00
Price/Book (MRQ): 0.00 
Auditor: MS Group CPA
 Forward Projections (Fiscal Year)
EPS | P/E (Estimates updated 2011-04-16): $0.120.00 
 Basic Facts and History (show more)
Reporting Type: U.S. Company (10-K Filings) 
Going Public: Reverse Merger on 2005-08-01 

 Business Outlook

Recent Chain of Events:
2011-05-23 -- Last SEC Filing
2011-05-23 -- Last Quarterly/Annual Report: Q1/FY2011 ended March 31, 2011

(Source: Trading China, 2012-09-30)

Asia Cork forecasts $7.36 million revenue for the 4th quarter. The Q4 forecasted net income reaches $1 million and quarterly EPS $0.03. Accordingly annual revenue is expected to reach $29.8 million, 22.17% up from $24.4 million in 2009. Net income is expected to be $4.7 million, a significant increase of over 40% compared to $3.3 million in 2009. Basic earning per share is expected to rise from 0.09 in 2009 to 0.13, an increase of 47%. "To deal with the problem of rising prices of raw materials in 2010, the management staff have made great endeavor to adjust our expense structure and successfully controlled the expenses, while assuring the high quality of our products and our services."

(Source: Business Wire, 2010-11-29)

Management staff believes that the company has fully recovered from the recess of 2008 and 2009. Revenues and net income have been rising steadily for the last three quarters of 2010. Management expects net income of 2010 to exceed $4 million.

(Source: Business Wire, 2010-11-23)

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 Recent Financings
2010-02-12Filing$21.98 mill--
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Current Price:  n/a
F10k Day (2006-08-17): -100.00%$0.51
2009 Close: -100.00%$0.35
2010 Close: -100.00%$0.51
2011 Close: -100.00%$0.03
High (2012-09-19): -100.00%$0.02
Low (2012-08-20): -100.00%$0.00
Market Capitalization: n/a
Total Shares: 39.43 mill
Float: n/a
Avg Volume: n/a
Last Quarter: 2011-03-31
Revenue (MRQ): 9.74 mill
Net Income (MRQ): 1.99 mill
Op. Cash Flow (MRQ): 1.81 mill
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