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 Feihe International
Shares Outstanding (MRQ): 21.03 mill
New Shares / Dilution (TTM): 1.35 mill6.88%
New Shares / Dilution (since Dec 31, 2008): 3.39 mill19.22% 
Cash (MRQ): 14.10 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (MRQ): 21.25 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (Q/Q): + 2.91 mill15.87% 
Long-Term Debt (MRQ): 35.54 mill0.00%
Revenue Growth (Q/Q): 3.79% 
Revenue Growth (Y/Y): 22.62% 
Net Income Growth (Q/Q): -90.85% 
Net Income Growth (Y/Y): -86.79%
EPS Growth (Y/Y): -87.64%
Net Margin (Q/Q): 0.6% (7.1%)-6.50% 
Net Margin (Y/Y): 0.6% (5.8%)-5.20% 
EPS | P/E (2 MRQ Projection): $0.540.00 
CFPS | P/CF (2 MRQ Projection): $3.290.00 
Price/Sales (2 MRQ Projection): 0.00
Price/Book (MRQ): 0.00 
Auditor: Crowe Horwath
 Forward Projections (Fiscal Year)
EPS | P/E (Estimates updated 2012-01-13): $0.750.00 
 Basic Facts and History (show more)
Reporting Type: U.S. Company (10-K Filings) 
Going Public: Reverse Merger on 2003-05-07 
Uplisting to Senior Exchange: on 2005-04-18 at $6.50 (-100.00% since Uplisting)

 Business Outlook

With the successful sale of our dairy farms, we still will be able to maintain the quality standards we have established and have exclusive rights to raw milk supplied by the dairy farms for an unlimited time period. This phase of our strategy is now complete and we have successfully completed an advanced European and North American style vertically integrated dairy model. This model gives us control over our products' quality, from the feeding of dairy farms cows, to accessing high quality raw milk from world class dairy farms to our state of the art facilities and production equipment. With our research and development and quality control, we believe the quality of our infant formula is one of the best in China. The Company went through nearly a decade of efforts to complete a vertically integrated business model and we are proud to be a leader in China’s dairy industry.

(Source: 8-K Filing, 2011-09-30)

With the planned sale of our dairy farms, we will maintain access to high quality raw milk and improve liquidity, providing flexibility to focus on increasing sales of our branded premium infant formula products. The strong profits in the past few quarters demonstrate our successful improvements of our operations across all functions. We will continue improving our operations across all functions to drive greater profitability and increase value for our shareholders. As we approach the middle of the third quarter of 2011, we would like to reiterate our revenue guidance of approximately $290 million and net income guidance of approximately $22 to $24 million for the full year of 2011.

(Source: PR Newswire, 2011-08-09)

"As we approach the middle of the second quarter of 2011, we would like to reiterate our revenue guidance of approximately $290 million and net income guidance of approximately $22 - $24 million for the full year of 2011."

The Company had a working capital deficit of $115.7 million as of March 31, 2011, primarily associated with $65.1 million in annually renewed, short-term bank loans and $69.5 million in redemption liability of redeemable common stock. However, the Company believes that will be able to refinance much of its short-term bank loans when they become due and that it has sufficient cash, cash flows from operations and available credit to adequately support its business in the next operating cycle.

(Source: PR Newswire, 2011-05-10)

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 Analyst Coverage (show more)
2011-08-22Roth CapitalDowngradeUnder Reviewn/a
2011-08-09Roth CapitalReiterationBuy$12.50
2011-08-05Roth CapitalReiterationBuy$13.50
2011-08-02Roth CapitalReiterationBuy$13.50
2011-05-11Roth CapitalUpgradeBuy$13.50

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 Investor Presentations
2009-09-16 (HTML)   VIEW
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DETAILS: Safety/Risk Model for ADY
Current Price:  n/a
F10k Day (2004-08-11): -100.00%$3.10
2009 Close: -100.00%$21.68
2010 Close: -100.00%$10.64
2011 Close: -100.00%$2.59
High (2012-05-10): -100.00%$9.30
Low (2012-02-01): -100.00%$2.81
Market Capitalization: n/a
Total Shares: 21.03 mill
Float: n/a
Avg Volume: 93.10 k
Short Interest: 1.60 mill
Short Ratio: 14.53%17.2 d
Last Quarter: 2011-09-30
Revenue (MRQ): 75.37 mill
Net Income (MRQ): 0.47 mill
Op. Cash Flow (MRQ): 18.78 mill
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